The Pacific Ocean Crossing

November 15, 2014

The project took shape in a first meeting in a festival for new year in Guatemala. Plan was made that we would encounter two months later in Panama City to refit the boats and gather the crew that would be part of the Pacific fleet.


Over twenty people, travelers and artits, sailors and dreamers came to Panama city to help that project happening. We then setted a campsite with a kitchen, solar dryer and camping onland for everybody to live together.


With so many people wanting to be part of the caravan, we tried to get another boat for the community to allow more people to travel together though didnt find one on time.  Fortunately the sailors community itself is really helpful to one another and there is so many great people already sailing with an alternative vision. Then three boats took seven people of us hitchhiking to help us meet on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.


Meeting was setted up three months later in French Polynesia. In the month Three of the four boats landed in North Polynesia in the Marquisas Islands. Starseeker took 13 days to Galapagos, then 3000 miles to marquesas in 25 days. The boat did well even though they back winded the mainsail against the preventer and folded the boom in half 2000 miles from anywhere. Luckily it was a big downwinder and the current was with them so a lose footed main and a lot of headsail and it was fine. Starseeker pulled into fatu hiva island around mid july and managed to build a new boom out of an old mast. The guys had an opportunity to build a traditional Polynesian canoe with an amazing islander named deedia and Paul a French boat designer. Toango anchored in the South of the territory in the Archipel de Gambier after 42 days at sea.  It took them 19 days just to sail around Galapagos to reach the trade winds with no motor,  then had a good 4 days of drifting back and then really great winds following with a record of 150 nautical miles in one day. They had mostly really great weather conditions, we had one almost gale running under bare poles with winds of 35 knots!

Toango officially had his first contact with land on the 3rd of June with stunning unhabited Henderson Island in the far and fresh southern Polynesia where we stayed about a week mostly devouring coconuts, speare fishing and doing expeditions.  Finally ready to meet our first humans after two months with no outside contact, Toango anchored on the shore of Mangerav Island, the only populated island of the whole Gambier.


After great encounters, spreading music and circus each of us in our journeys we met in the beggining of September in the capital of French Polynesia Papeete in the famous Tahiti Island where the musicians from Starseeker and the jugglers and acrobats from Toango met and put on a really nice circus show. We had some crew change on Starseeker ot allow the hitchhikers to be live in the community boat and for some other to experiment sailing on different boats. The Starseeker crew did many shows in the islands of Tahiti, Raiatea and Niue.


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The Pacific Ocean Crossing

November 15, 2014

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