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Sailing allows a completely different perspective about traveling, a cleaner way really connected to the nature, understanding the natural movement of the ocean, the wind and the stars. Furthermore, sailing under communal values makes you learn a lot about yourself, about and from others. 



Once the crew is established, the boats will be sailed in the West Indian style, one of the first examples of democracy in history. The captain, necessary for quick decisions at sea, will be elected by the crew based on skills and experience. At any time a new captain can be elected is he carries the skills required and is approved by the whole of the crew.


No one person on the boat shall be considered more valuable than the others. This is in direct contrast to the current hierarchical system of sailing where everyone on the vessel has a place in the hierarchical chain.



Because the wish to discover the world is pulsating the youth on traveling around the world, but unfortunately most of the ways used for traveling are harmful to the nature by producing more waste and pollution as it goes. We desire other ways of travel than airplanes, buses, and cars. We are joining in the rising world effort to shift from a planet of private property and consumerism to one of communal living and deep respect for our mother, the earth. We all truly believe in a sustainable way of living and are not trying to fight the old paradigm, simply creating a new reality in wich we feel in harmony to evolve and offer it as an example to others that may also vibrate with these ideals.



Community living

Our idea of a community is that everyone can contribute with their skills and live as a family. We are organized by free-will and communication, sharing all the tasks on the boat, from cleaning the deck, anchoring, hauling the sails, navigating, cooking, and teaching what you know.


The whole community-boats  ideais to be able to regster the boats under the AWSC organization, wich means they are 'owned' and managed by the people sailing them. It allows then the people to follow different routes and not be enchained to the responsibility of constantly maintaining a boat and for the boats to constantly continue their journey with different crew aboard in constant evolution. , sharing a philosophy of deep respect for the sea and the vessels that take us there. We run daily sailing classes and everyday is a learning day on the boat.


The Drifting Circus Project

was born as a way to sustain financially the boats general needs and to spread our passions; arts.


Getting to land is the moment where we can bring out all the art skills we developed together on board, spread smiles and joy through our music, theatre, and circus. We also try to financially sustain ourselves through our art, offering shows in restaurants, hotels and public places. We then pass around what we call the Magic Hat, where any kind of donation is appreciated and is helping us paying for food, entry fees and repairs.


Sharing knowledge, entertainent and skills on a free basis is part of what we believe is creating a better world. We also imply our time on various artisic ,environmental and/or alternative projects along the way.


Click here to know more about The Drifting Circus




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